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13U AAU Basketball


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At Sonic Boom Music Group we believe that the future is better when we provide opportunities for the next generation.  Our traveling basketball team the Atlanta Boom develops the skill set of young players while exploring the state of Georgia and eventually the country.


This exposes the children to new competition and environments simultaneously, while learning the importance of sportsmanship.  If you'd like to join our 13U basketball team, schedule a game or donate please contact us at your earliest convenience.  

Donate to the Atlanta Boom 

Donations go towards making sure participating is as cost efficient as possible for our players.  Your donation will assist with expenses like Traveling, Uniforms, Practice Facility, Sports Drinks & more.  We are appreciate any donation you can offer.  Thanks in Advance !

Contact Us Today

If you have a 13u basketball player, would like to schedule a basketball game or would like to schedule indivisual workouts for your youth then contact us right away

Thank You for Contacting Us !
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