Who Are We

Helping Musical Talent Shine

So many times in this industry an artist has to call it quits because they can't keep up with the obstacles that can plague them.  Not having money for Music Videos, Studio Time, Merchandise & Marketing can kill a career before it starts.

That's where Sonic Boom Music Group comes in.  We find Top Indie Talent from all over the country and assist them with the creation of their projects.  Our services range from Recording to Distribution and everything in between.

We love the process of helping an artist identify the vision and manifesting it into reality.  At Sonic Boom Music Group our clients never worry about feeling alone in an industry that can be very confusing.  

While this is an amazing opportunity for Music Artist, we are also very selective in who we work with.  Let us make it very clear we are looking for Hit Makers & Creators.

If That's You Submit Your Music Now 

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Taking Advantage of Your Moment

Are Your A Creative Looking For Assistance

Sonic Boom Music Group is Production Company that focuses on assisting creatives in reaching their full potential.  If you would like assistance on a project then contact us, but we are only looking for High Quality talent.  Is It You ?