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Lil Baby Starts Scholarship Fund For Atlanta Alma Mater High School

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

You'll Be Judged By How You Treat The People

Atlanta Rapper Lil Baby isn't waiting until retirement to give back to his community. The Chart Topper has created a scholarship fund for his Alma Mater Booker T Washington in ATL, GA.

"Every year, I’m gonna be giving a scholarship. It’s gonna be the My Turn Scholarship,” he told students while presenting the huge check. “It’s gonna be like the best student in every grade, or something like that. I ain’t really sure how they’re gonna pass it out. But, I’m gonna give out $150,000… This year is the first year. So, hopefully, it can keep getting bigger and better.”

I didn’t think I could go far. So for me to come back here, it’s not even so much about me giving, or what I got to give, or what I got to say. It’s more to me [about them] just seeing me and just seeing that it’s real,” he told the outlet. “That y’all gonna see me on TV later, and on the Internet, and in this kind of car, but you also see me at this kind of school, live in the flesh... It means a lot to me to give a scholarship to a child.”

The "My Turn Scholarship Fund" was a collaboration with Baby, Amazon Music’s Rap Rotation, Quality Control Music, Wolfpack Global and Motown Records. He also challenged other rappers to create scholarships for schools as well.

Powerful words and actions from the Platinum selling superstar. Make sure you check out his latest album "My Turn". It has become the rappers first Number 1 Album on Billboard 200. Here's the video "Woah" from his latest release.

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