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2 Chainz Lounge Unfairly Shutdown By Cops For Covoid 19 Policies Leaving His Employees Jobless

I Hate This

Coronavirus is creating a very dangerous split in society, this 2Chainz fiasco is a very great example of it. As you all may know there is a Covoid-19 pandemic that has everyone locked in the house. Earlier this month the state of Georgia decided to slightly open up and allow some businesses to reopen.

2Chainz announced that he would be opening up his restaurant ESCOBAR, which is a very popular lounge in Atlanta. He would later decide to keep it closed and serve food to the homeless, but that following week he would open up the doors for dine in.

As reported by TMZ, this past Monday night officers said they "noticed that the location was rather loud, busy, and occupied to be operating as a restaurant at that time of night." Cops say police arrived and "spoke to the manager before shutting the location down as it was violating executive orders regarding protocol issued due to COVID-19."

Now many have negativity to offer 2Chainz but does anyone ask them self "Why" ? One big reason is, his restaurant employs at least 60+ people. All of whom depend on working at his popular establishment to pay their bills and feed their families. It isn't easy for someone like 2Chainz who goes hard for the city of Atlanta to sit by and watch as his people suffer. That isn't how we do things in the ATL, if someone is in need we help.

Keep in mind we aren't even going to factor in how much money HE IS LOSING by having his establishment closed.

Now the state is partially open and was expecting him to operate at 25% staff and customers. But what world are we living in where that is even a realistic possibility and pay the bills for a restaurant.

Coronavirus may have started this pandemic but the wounds it has created for the economy my have a bigger effect than the virus itself.

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