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2 Chainz Decides To Keep Restaurants Closed in Georgia After Backlash About Announcing ReOpening

Updated: Apr 25, 2020

9:00a.m. 04/24/20

After receiving mixed reviews in response to 2 Chainz's decision to reopen his restaurants, the "Mercy" rapper decided to stay keep his businesses in Georgia closed. His partner Snoop told TMZ "After careful consideration we are not going to open our restaurants on Monday. It has not officially been decided when we will start having dine-in service".

Better Safe Than Sorry


Quarantine Clean

Platinum rapper 2 Chainz restaurant isn't afraid to go out and make some Corona Cash. Now that Georgia Governor Brian Kemp has reopened the state's economy many, have been left on both sides of the fence. Some citizens ready to get back to work and others who think reopening can have negative results.

Well Chainz has decided he can no longer sit by as his employees to suffer and has given the green light via his partner Snoop Dillard to reopen Escobar for Dining. The tapas & hookah lounge spot has managed to stay open for take out through the lockdown. But starting Monday they are back up and running with safety as their main concern.

Snoop told TMZ that both locations will focus on social distancing starting with employees, as they will only be able to bring back 65% of their staff. The goal being to eventually bring everyone back of course. EscoBar be will taking measures like checking staff temperatures when they clock in, mandatory gloves for all employees, masks for the cooks and disposable paper menus. They will also go the extra mile to keep hookahs clean and the establishment already provided packaged hoses, even though many customers bring their own.

Sending Much Love and Support Their Way

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