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Album Review: Chloe x Halle Step Into Adulthood in "Ungodly Hour"

The Golden Children Have Arrived

Everyone has been watching Beyonce gush over her young proteges for years, letting anyone with ears know the game would belong to Chloe x Halle eventually. With "Ungodly Hour" you see the duo emerge in front of your eyes. Because they came into the industry so young their content was aimed at a much younger base, but now the girls are ready to show you they go through adult things just like everyone else.

Now something that stands out immediately to me as a music critic, is the fact that they wrote every song and produce 50% of the album. Another thing that stands out is the influence Beyonce has had on them when it comes to perfecting their sound. Stand out songs like "Busy Boy", "Ungodly Hour", "Wonder What She Thinks" "Forgive Me" & "Baby Girl" will captivate you. Picking out a favorite is so tough because sonically the album is so pleasing.

Swae Lee is the only person blessed enough to feature on "Ungodly Hour". You have production from stars like Disclosure, Mike Will Made It, Scott Storch, Boi 1Da & more. Open the album press play and walk away I promise you won't want to turn Chloe x Halle off.

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