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Audio: Singer Ann Marie Arrested For Shooting Friend In Head Allegedly

2020 Keeps Coming

Chicago singer Ann Marie known for her smooth voice has been arrested for Possession of a Firearm and Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon.

According to the Chicago Tribune when police arrived to the scene they noticed a pool of blood inside of the Buckhead Hotel. It was inside room 614 where they would find a 24 year old Johnathan Wright lying on the floor when a gunshot wound in his forehead. Police are saying Wright was responsive but going in and out of consciousness because of the injury and blood loss.

Officers noticed that although Ann Marie born Joann Marie Slater appeared to be distraught, she never shed any tears.

The Tribune reports that

Slater told police numerous times that a gun went off and struck Wright in the forehead after it fell off a table. Police said she continued asking if Wright was OK or dead. She also told authorities that she was unable to provide Wright’s or her own ID, but stated that she “grew up” with the victim and they knew each other from school in Chicago.

Police Call provided by Kollege Kidd

The story initially reported by many outlets was that it was accidental discharge which left many wondering "Why was Ann arrested". This is why on this site we wait to get all the details before reporting. It turns out there was more to the story.

The accidental discharge story would make sense if there wasn't more than one shell casing found.

According to the report released “A projectile was also found by the bathroom door on the carpet and one in the bathroom tub,” the report indicated. “There was one bullet hole in the door jam, and also one in the cabinet top right corner in the bathroom.”

Ann is currently being held in Fulton County Jail and Wright is inside of Grady Hospital is condition is unknown at the time of this story.

Such a crazy story

Ann Marie "You Can Have Him"

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