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BlueFace & Chrisean Rock Promise To Stop With The Domestic Abuse

Toxic Energy Mixed With Clout Can Be Dangerous

We've come along way since Ike and Tina Turner and we just finished Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Now we've made it to Blueface and Chrisean Rock, these two have reached a level of Toxic never seen in Hip Hop.

Blueface is a California rapper who burst onto the scene with his smash hit "Thotiana". The artist would then go on to host a reality show online that featured women living in his house who literally fought for his love.

This is where Chrisean enters the chatroom. Since the relationship has become public we've seen Chrisean fight Blueface's mother.

Then we have Chrisean and Blueface fighting each other on Hollywood BLVD

Then we have Chrisean and Blueface fighting in Arizona

The couple were stopped by TMZ Monday and asked about why their relationship is so volatile. Chrisean spoke to how she will attempt to stop fighting Blueface in public. Blueface doesn't seem so convinced stating that he is a little worried .

How did Hip Hop end up in this place ? Here we have domestic abuse happening in front of the world and people find amusement in it. Where are the leaders in Hip Hop to intervene and save both of them from a bad ending. Exploitation is apart of Hip Hop but this level indecency is disenchanting.

Hopefully cooler heads prevail and stop this train from derailing.

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