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How Doja Cat & Minaj Beat Out Megan & Beyonce For The Number One Spot On Billboard

The Doja Cat Reign Has Begun

When Megan Thee Stallion released "Savage" remix with Beyonce I think it's safe to say we all assumed it would be Number 1 one the Billboard charts with a bullet. It would debut at Number 4 on the charts and move up to Number 2. At the same time Doja Cat released a great song called "Say So" with Nicki Minaj to great praise, but did not come with as much steam as the "Savage" remix. It would debut at Number 6 on the charts the same week "Savage" debuted at 4.

Fast forward this week Doja Cat would jump four spots on the charts to take the Number One spot on Billboards. Now the Amazing News is that this is the First Time in the History of Music that Two Women Rappers have occupied the Number 1 and 2 Spot on the Charts. Strangely enough this is also Nicki Minaj's First Time having a Number 1 position on the charts in her career, with over 109 songs charting.

The question I'm stuck with as a journalist is, How Did Doja Do It ?

Now many are saying the enormous momentum swing comes after Doja promised her fans she would show her breast if she went number 1 one twitter.

I for one think it's because Doja possess the ability to make really good versatile songs. Think about how we met Doja ..tick. tock..tick..tock.. Thought about it long enough ? She first saw success by going viral with her parody song "Moo".

Once everyone got over the shock factor of "Moo" they where left with trying to figure out "What Doja really had to bring to the table". She dropped some moderately successful songs but nothing close to the impact of "Moo". Then she dropped "Juicy" with Tyga which peaked at Number 41 on the charts. With "Juicy" you could see that not only had Doja found her voice but she had also (most importantly) found her look.

Her look combined with her unique ability to make hits for the Pop and Rap Radio makes her a serious force to be reckoned with.

Inhale the Doja

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