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It's Official The Most Shazamed Artist of All Time Is Drake

You Know How Sticky It Gets

Rap is a competitive sport like the NBA or the NFL. Rap artist are measured by their accolades the same way professional athletes are. So that makes Drake either the Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant or LeBron James of Rap.

Drake's most recent crowning comes from the music identification app Shazam. While celebrating 20 years of being in business the company announced that Drake is the most Shazam'd artist of All time. How many Shazam's does it take to be the most Shazam'd you ask. The answer is Three Hundred Fifty Million Shazam's, which is more than the entire population of Iceland.

This includes all of Drake's songs and songs that the hitmaker has been featured on. His most Shazam'd song is "One Dance" which is currently sitting at 17 million streams.

When asked if he had plans on retiring anytime soon the Canadian rapper said “I’m not at that point where I even consider that being an option,” he said. “One of the best feelings I have in my life is completing a song or project. And by the way those things are painful as well. A lot of nerves, a lot of confidence wavering. But I feel like I’m reaching a new level of fun. I’ve reached a new level of comfortability where I want to try things. Like this last album, I put out something I wanted to do to challenge myself.”

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