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Kanye West Leaks YEEZY Cleats And Takes Assistance From Aaron Donald

We See You Ye

In the midst of the firestorm coming from Kanye West's instagram over beef's with Adidas and Gap. There were tidbits of images of whats going on over there at Donda Sports. Below we have a image that could be a rough draft or final version of Cleats coming from the Yeezy apparel line.

To us it looks like a soccer cleat but we could be wrong. The design is very futuristic and would surely be unique for the sport. Look like this cleat will be able to be fashionable, reliable and possess the ability to hold a shin guard.

Next we have Donda Sports client and living NFL legend Aaron Donald. Kanye posted the two in the lab going over how to make football cleats more comfortable for the player. Donald explains how his abilities requires a shoe that can handle his movements.

Looks like some amazing things are brewing in the Yeezy Sports Laboratory. Hopefully we can get access to the workshop !

Either way it looks like Kanye West will be taking over the soccer and football fields very soon

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