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Oprah Loves Lil Yachty's Oprah's Bank Account Video wit Drake and DaBaby

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Lil Yachty proves once again that taking risk as a music artist can pay off.

You may be familiar with Lil Yachty through hits like "1 Night", "Cold in Minnesota" or "Ice Tray". Now he's got Oprah responding to his latest music video. If you have seen the video for Yachty's song "Oprah's Bank Account" featuring Drake and DaBaby then I'm sure you noticed Lil Boat dressed as Oprah. It was met with mixed reviews, Some ppl loved it, Some ppl hated it and Some ppl hate homophobic responses (as always lol).

I love it. I love it. I loveeeeee it! Yes, I love it!" is what mogul Oprah Winfrey told the Associated Press when asked. She said “I haven’t seen the video," “But it’s nice to be in a Drake song no matter what — especially for your bank account, OK!"

Now that's what I call Facts on Facts ! It's clear that no matter what Oprah's thought on rap are, she knows that it's good business for Drake to being talking about you. This small soundbite will be enough to prompt all of Winfrey's fan base to at least click on the song once, which is a win for Lil Yachty.

This is why as a Music Artist it is important to push yourself out of your comfort zone. Putting yourself in creatives lights can attract new ears and eyes. Which means more streams !

If you haven't seen the video check it out below

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