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Music Mogul Andre Harrell Passes Away At 59

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Today we unfortunately bring you sad news as it has been confirmed that music mogul Andre Harrell has passed away at the age of 59. The cause of death hasn't been identified, it was announced via DJ D-Nice on Instagram.

He get his start in the entertainment industry as a rapper in the duo Dr Jeckyll and Mr Hyde. They would see success with songs like "Rap Genius". Around that time the legendary Russell Simmons was getting started with Def Jam and Harrell would use his music knowledge to help other artist flourish in the game and becoming Vice President of the company.

From there he would start his own label Uptown Records in 1986. It would be there this Brooklyn, New York native would sign acts like Mary J Blige, Guy, Al B Sure, Jodeci, Heavy D and The Boyz. In one of his most significant gifts to the industry, it would be his label that would have a intern by the name of Sean Combs, who eventually turned into the Face of Hip Hop and RnB.

Uptown would eventually come to a end and Harrell would use his expertise to full-fill roles at Motown Records, Bad Boy and Revolt. A fact many may not know is that he is also responsible for the show "New York Undercover" and the movie "Strictly Business".

There isn't a Sonic Boom Music Group with out Andre Harrell, his presence in the Hip Hop and RnB world is significant and he will truly be missed.

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