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New Music Review: Lil Durk ft Lil Baby & Polo G "3 Headed Goat"

Streets Gonna Feel This

The Atlanta to Chicago connection goes all the way back to the beginning of America. In 2020 that connection has turned into Lil Durk, Polo G (Chicago) and Lil Baby (Atlanta) forming a "3 Headed Goat".

Lil Baby kicks it off with his infamous hook making style, where the hook sounds like a verse but it isn't. Baby technically doesn't have a verse on the song. Durk calls out all the people who are in the streets faking their lifestyle. Polo is the newest to the rap game out of the trio but delivers a fire verse in a classic Chicago staccato cadence.

You can find this out Durk's new project "Just Cause Yall Waited 2" which is scheduled to release tomorrow May 8th. Check it out

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