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New Music Video Review: 6ix9ine ft Nicki Minaj "Trollz"


King Troll 6ix9ine has linked back up with the Nicki Minaj to see if they can catch lighting in a bottle twice. If you remember in the past they had a Chart Topper together called "FeFe". Since then 6ix9ine has gone to jail for almost 3 years and is now back to pick up where he left off. Now I'm not going to lie this "Trollz" is absolutely trash. But Nicki Minaj's scene's in this video are enough to make you watch this 20 Million times. I doubt they even care, 6ix9ine enjoys knowing he can make you mad without ever meeting you. Outside of that its a typical Tekashi video, Bright Colors, Swirls, he wears about 3 colorful Lace Fronts and of course Booties. Check it out

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