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New Music Video Review: DaBaby ft Youngboy NBA "Jump"

A Troublesome Duo

These two linking up is like having to babysit the kids you know are going to rip your house up but you can't help but love them lol. DaBaby just released his new album "Blame it on Baby" and gave us "Jump" as a single. The video is hilarious, the two are running wild around a house with beautiful women while the sanitation workers are cleaning. I like that DaBaby makes his videos so fun, everyone wants to be so angry so bad these days they forget to laugh.

Youngboy NBA kills his feature as always with melodic cadences and hard lyrics. DaBaby continues the "NeverEndingSong" flow as he called it in the "Oprah's Bank Account" video. I for one hope he never changes it, run that check up ! Make sure you check out his latest release "Blame It On Baby".

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