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Video: The Cold Shoulder That Started Tory Lanez And August Alsina's Alleged Beef

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Another night in Hip Hop

Looks like entangled singer August Alsina ran into some trouble yesterday. Apparently Alsina had a concert last night in Chicago at the Arie Crown Theatre. After the show the singer says alleges was approached by Tory Lanez, his security and his goons.

Here's the video of August dodging Tory Lanez's attempt at a handshake in the hallway.

New pictures released from August

Alsina accuses Tory of smoking a cocaine laced blunt before he caught him with a off guard punch. August claims this is all over Alsina not "Dapping Tory Up" when they two saw each other. August says he thought Tory didn't like him because he had talked bad about him in the past watch video below for diss by Tory.

Tory Lanez has since responded via his Instagram stories and he claims the entire thing is made up.

Now the internet has Tory 100% guilty.

We are just hoping that we can all get along

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