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R Kelly Sextape Comes Back As Child Pornography Guilty Verdict In Chicago Case

What Is Done In The Dark Will Come To Light

Iconic singer R Kelly was found guilty of six out of 13 charges yesterday in his hometown of Chicago. The songwriter was found guilty on 6 charges of Child Pornography and Enticing Girls For Sex. The child pornography charges stem from making three videotapes of himself sexually abusing a Minor referred to as Jane beginning in the late 1990s.

According to the Chicago Tribune it has taken Jane 20 years to come forward with her story. In testifying she spoke about how the Infamous Video isn't their only time hooking up sexually. She talked about how they had intercourse hundreds of times when she was a minor, at his recording studio, his home, on tour buses and in hotel rooms. When asked why she waited 20 years to come forward Jane stated "I became exhausted with living with (Kelly’s) lies.”

In total 4 women (identified as Jane, “Nia”, “Pauline” and Tracy) testified to having intercourse with R Kelly as a minor. Pauline now 37 years old testified that she met the Grammy Award winner with Jane. She was at R Kelly's home when she found Jane naked and kneeling in front of the Singer.

He told me he was just looking for bruises on her, because she hurt herself,” she said. “I told him that ‘that’s not how you look for bruisesand he said that’s how he looked for bruises … then he stated that ‘we all have secrets.’” She then joined them for a sexual activity that would take place on multiple occasions.

Kelly's lead lawyer Jennifer Bonjean said "He’s still got many fights to fight," she said. "But what he did say is that he had a sense of relief that this particular case was in the past now.”

The hitmaker has two trials left in Minnesota and Chicago for Sexual Misconduct according to Yahoo. It's looking like Kelly who is 55 won't be out of jail until he's 80 if you include the New York Guilty Verdict that landed him 30 years in jail.

Oh If he could turn back the hands of time.

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