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Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine is Officially Released From Prison

This Cat Has 9ine Lives

Tekashi 6ix9ine might be one of the luckiest humans to ever walk this planet. He officially has been released from prison in New York because of the Coronavirus pandemic currently effecting residents and prisoners of the great state of NY, which limits how they can protect a high profile inmate like 9ine. We're going to break it all down for the people who are just now hearing his name for the first time.

6ix9ine EXPLODED on to the rap scene in 2018 with his supreme understanding of how to create shocking videos resulting in viral success. Part of his success is due to a man name Shotti who is a member of the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods. When Shotti met 6ix9ine real name Daniel Hernandez, had barely any tattoos and dark hair with No Gang Affiliation.

In the following months Shotti would transform Tekashi's image completely with Tattoos, Colorful Hair and a new attitude. He finished the deal with making Tekashi the Face of the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods Organization. Which gave young Daniel the Freedom to disrespect anyone on the planet without fear because he was protected by the gang.

Fast Forward into the success of Number One charting songs, Money, Women & Fame. The fame would lead to 6ix9ine creating enemies on each coast of America in the Rap and Gang world. With that would come extreme jealousy from within his own gang, resulting in members extorting Tekashi. Doing things like assaulting and transferring money out 6ix9ine's account into their own in front of him, just total disrespect going on.

Tekashi was no saint in this though. He was ordering robberies and drive by shootings of opposing rappers. Once scenario resulting in the wounding of a innocent bystander. It was safe to say 6ix9ine enjoyed being the face of a very dangerous gang.

This would all boil over as federal agents began to investigate the numerous incidents Hernandez continued to find himself in. Luckily for 6ix9ine the feds had put wiretaps on everyone affiliated with him phone and found out the gang was planning to kill him because he fired the members who were extorting him.

Those members took that as 6ix9ine attempting to cut them out of the lifestyle they contributed to and had come to love. This would force his manager and blood member Shotti to choose sides. His gang or his iconic artist who is smashing the charts. Before he could make the decision the FBI arrested 6ix9ine to protect him.

Once Tekashi was presented with the evidence that the gang was going to kill him, he decided to cooperate with the agents. This resulted in a lot of high ranking Nine Trey Blood members being jailed including Shotti. 6ix9ine who was facing 46 years in prison would plead guilty to Racketeering and get 2 years (for cooperating) plus time served which was already 1 Year and some months by the time sentencing came around.

Fast Forward to March 2020 and the elusive rapper is a Free Man. He was released from his recording contract when the s**t hit the fan BUT as always, it works out for 6ix. Indie Label 10K Projects signed Tekashi to a deal worth $10 Million for two Albums. While released he will have to wear a ankle monitor and reside where his parole officer deems fit. As well as pay a $35,000 fine and participate in 300 hours of community service.

With all this good news there is still a element of danger that hovers over 6ix9ine like a rain cloud. He is still a marked man, remember he already had coast to coast enemies. Now you can add the fact that he is regarded as a SNITCH in the Hip Hop Community. Combined with the fact that free Nine Trey Gangsta Blood members will want retaliation.

Stay Safe Daniel we're wishing you the Best

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