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RIP: Top 3 Movies With Tiny Lister aka Deebo

I'm So Tired Of 2020

Legendary actor Thomas "Tiny" Lister known to a big portion of the world as Deebo was found deceased at his Marina Del Ray Apartment last night December 10th, according to the report coming from TMZ. An autopsy will be performed to get down to the specifics on his death. Lister was 62 years old, born in Compton, California, Tiny was six foot five inches tall and weighted three hundred pounds. Tiny would use his large size to create an amazing acting and wrestling career.

This legend will be missed and we want to take time to give you Three Movies where you can see Tiny at his BEST !

"I Got The Hook Up" 1998'

In "I Got The Hook Up" Tiny plays the character of T-Lay who is the enforcer of the gang that Master P (Black) & Anthony Johnson (Blue) owe money to. One hilarious moment in the movie is when T-Lay pulls up on a illegal phone dealer who questions if T-Lay's "Money is Good". T-Lay puts so much fear into the dealer that he forces him to slap hisself. Epic.

"Little Nicky" 2000'

In "Little Nicky" Tiny plays the role of Cassius who is the brother of Adam Sandler's character "Little Nicky". Now for those who haven't seen "Little Nicky", Nicky is the Son of the Devil and God but he doesn't know about his heavenly background yet as he lives with his father in Hell. Cassius (Tiny) and his brother Adrian are fed up with hell and decide to escape and it is up to Nicky to bring them back. In this scene Cassius learns who his father will pick to succeed him.

"Friday" 1995'

This would be the role that would change Tiny's life forever. In "Friday" he plays the role of Deebo the neighborhood bully who takes what he wants from who he wants without question. This entire film is built around the scariness of Deebo. In this scene specifically the character Red decides to ask for his bike back. Not only is this scene a classic it also coined the phrase "You got Knocked TF Out Man" made famous by Chris Tucker who plays Smokey.

Gone But Never Forgotten

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