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Video: Robbing Rapper Tee Grizzley Robbed for $1Million In Home Burglary

Glad Everyone Is Safe

Detroit rapper Tee Grizzley aka Mr First Day Out ran into a bit of a setback recently. TMZ is reporting that the artist's home was broken into in a neighborhood called Porter Ranch in California outside of Los Angeles.

Law Enforcement is saying about 2 weeks ago someone gained entry to Tee's property by smashing a window while everyone was gone. The rapper is saying that the jewelry was worth over a million by itself. The robbers also got away with a undisclosed of cash.

The entertainer has since released a video letting every know he "Is Good". And encourages other artist to "Watch what they speak into existence".

Ironically, Tee recently released a song called "Robbery" where he gets robbed for his bling in the video. The rapper must be a psychic as well.

It might be time to do away with flashing money and jewelry in Hip Hop, its clearly attracting the wrong kind of energy to the entertainers in this genre. No one is in custody at the moment and this is still a open investigation.

Stay Safe

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