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Selena Gomez Sues Gaming App For Using Likeness on Platform

It's a Dirty Game

This is why when you make it to a certain level you have to have a lawyer on retainer. TMZ is reporting International singer Selena Gomez has 99 problems and an app is one. She had her lawyer file a lawsuit claiming the gaming app Clothes Forever is using her likeliness for downloads.

In the documents, she alleges that the styling app is using her image on their models, and the user gets to style the model with the clothes on the app. Gomez says to obtain the status in life she has, has taken a lot of hard work and she won't allow her influence to be used without her say so.

Her lawyer stated that the gaming app sponsorships go for $800,000, she's suing for damages and she wants a percentage of the company and for them to get it together on the business end. The platinum singer claims they stole the image off of her cover feature for Flare magazine.

Now if that wasn't bad enough, she also spoke on the apps bad reviews online.

My advice to the gaming app company would be to pay the money and bring Selena on board.

Possible silver lining

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