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Singer R Kelly's Request For Early Release Denied by Judge

Looks Like There Is One Thing Corona Can't Beat

With Coronavirus cases sweeping the nation at a disastrous rate, fear has set in on everyone. This disease has even managed to get inside of jails/prisons resulting in fatality for some of the infected. Cities like Los Angeles took it a step forward and have started releasing inmates.

Legendary Singer R Kelly who is currently incarcerated (due to a long list of allegations in different states), thought it would be an opportune time to request for early release. His argument is that he fits the demographics of those at high risk of catching the disease. Kelly also has stated in the past that the conditions he is being kept in aren't humane. His closing argument is that he has had surgery while locked up and fears his immune system is compromised.

With all that being said the judge decided it was best if the shamed singer remained behind bars. His number one reason being that he believes R Kelly is a High Alert Flight Risk click here. The judge said "[Kelly] is currently in custody because of the risks that he will flee or attempt to obstruct, threaten or intimidate prospective witnesses. The defendant has not explained how those risks have changed."

The judge also stated that the argument for Coronavirus fears isn't valid because there isn't any cases in the Chicago jail he is currently residing. Siting that the Bureau of Prisons has taken extreme measures to ensure safety to their inmates. Some of those steps being limiting the inmate's visits with the outside.

In regards to the Grammy award-winning singer's surgery status the judge says, "he does not explain how his surgical history places him at a higher risk of severe illness. Moreover, officials in Chicago have advised the government that doctors have completed all treatment for the defendant’s recent operation."

When it comes to R Kelly saying his age put him at risk the judge said "the defendant is fifty-three years old, twelve years younger than the cohort of 'older adults' defined by the CDC as at high risk."

With all that, it still gets worse. Because cities have shut down due to Coronavirus, chances is are the date for his trial to begin will get pushed back.

Trapped in Prison

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