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"Skrrr" Is The Game Changer Rap Needed From Woosa Li

Your DJ Gone Make this Hit Number 1

Woosa Li delivers like Michael Jordan in the 4th quarter and "Skrrr" is a game winning buzzer beater. The songstress dives deep with lyricism and a hook that leaves listeners in a trance.

Produced by Street Beatz Made It and 2WO Official this up tempo beat is guaranteed to keep you energized. The video was shot by JVO MultiMedia in Chicago and the army of Jeeps were brought by the Chi Wrangler Crew.

"Skrrr" can be found on Woosa Li's album Mermaid 2 which was released in January. This is the hitmakers 5th release from the album and the momentum doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

Take A Swim With The Mermaid

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