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The Game Loses Rights To Label & Album in $7.13M Sexual Assault Case

You Hate To See It

Rapper The Game will have to give up the rights to his Label "LA Prolific" and his most recent album "Born to Rap". Let us catch you up on everything

In 2015 Priscilla Rainey, who was a contestant on the Game's reality show "She's Got Game" says she was sexually assaulted in a nightclub in Chicago during the taping. She claims while they were partying the platinum rapper reached under her dress and rubbed his finger across her bare vaginal area. She sued for $10 Million and was awarded $7.13 for damages by the judge in February 2016 because the artist never showed up to any of the court dates.

In the documents secured by All Hip Hop it states Ms Rainey is now being granted "any and all rights, title, and interest". Basically saying she is now the Owner of his latest album "Born to Rap" and she will receive any profit paid to the rapper through his label LA Prolific. Making matters worse Judge Phillips said, "if the rap star attempts to thwart the ruling and collect the money, he could be hit with a charge of contempt of court".

It's safe to say Pricialla is enjoying her earnings, this was her on Instagram

The Game responded to the news with this

His manager Wack 100 had this to say in regards to album rights

Looks like we are looking at a very interesting outcome in the future stay tuned!

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