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The Game's Music Royalties Have Been Awarded To His Sexual Assault Victim

Death Blow

Music Artist spend their entire careers securing their future by making their music royalties valuable. Each hit song a artist drops increases the chance greatly that their kids will be able to eat off of their sweat and blood. For rapper The Game that has all been dismantled with one fatal decision he made in the club.

This all stems from a night out while recording for his reality show "She Got Game". While out in the club filming one of the ladies on the show Priscilla Rainey says the rapper lifted her skirt and rubbed her privates repeatedly without consent. The Game attempted to fight it in court but loss because he never showed up to the hearings. Ms Rainey was awarded $7.1 Million in damages.

Now if you remember back in April we wrote a story about how The Game had yet to compensate Ms Rainey which resulted in the judge giving her ownership of his label until the debt was settled. Now The Game has sworn that he won't be giving her a dime because she is a liar, he let that be known on "Everyday Struggle" with DJ Akademiks.

But now according to Bossip Judge Virginia A. Phillips has awarded Ms Rainey all of The Game's royalties until the debt is completely paid off. So far she has received $70,000, which is not close at all to the $7.1Ms that are owed. The judge has already contacted The Game's publishing B.M.I. to make sure the payments go to Ms Rainey. If The Game attempts to disrupt the payments he will be held in contempt of court and jailed.

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