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Top 10 Women Singers In R&B Music Right Now & Beyonce Isn't One

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

Don't Kill Me

Before you go crazy please understand Beyonce dropped Writing's On The Wall in 1999. She no longer has anything to prove and her accolades put her in a status Above Any List. Now lets move on.

The women on this list represent the Next Wave of R&B and as you go through the list you will see that their fingerprints are all over the sound of Today's Music.

10.) Snoh AaLegra

Swedish singer Snoh Aalegra vocal ability puts her in a class by herself, if it wasn't for her being a Rookie to your Airwaves she would be much higher on the list. Songs like "I Want You Around" and "Whoa" show her ability to make great radio singles as well as entire albums. Check out her album "Ugh, those feels again".

9.) Ari Lennox

Ari Lennox is the Neo-Soul singer Erykah Badu lovers have been praying for. Her homegirl vibes and topics make her so relatable. While displaying the ability to belt vocals that will leave you stunned. Her debut album "Shea Butter Baby" spun off hits like "Shea Butter Baby" "Up Late" and "Chicago Boy". Ari fills a hole in Neo-Soul music that has been missing for years which makes her a Summer Festival Favorite. Her recent release "Bussit" shows you that she also has the ability to make songs that can be played in the club as well.

8.) Teyana Taylor

Teyana Taylor has been putting her work in for years and has finally arrived. One reason for her success and she found her sound around 2014 on the "VII" album with songs like "Don't Disturb". She figured out how to mix her powerful vocals with sexy lyrics. She committed to that formula and that has been great for her career. Since then she has also found radio success with songs like "Gonna Love Me", "How You Want It" & "Morning".

7.) SZA

SZA possess unique range abilities that puts me in the mindset of a 2020 version of Mary J Blige. She burst onto the scene in 2017 with her debut album "CTRL" and would spin off hits like "Love Galore" "Broken Clocks" & "The Weekend". She would win a host of awards and receive Grammy nominations in 2018. Unfortunately for us music lovers she hasn't released another album since then, making many critics wonder if she ran out of gas. I for one hope we will get some new music soon.

6.) Kehlani

What makes Kehlani's voice so special is that it's completely unexpected. Her octave range, vocal control, demeanor and ability to produce radio friendly records make her a main figure on the West Coast music scene. I was introduced to Kehlani's music through the song "Gangsta". I was floored by what I was hearing. That led me to the Certified Gold album "SweetSexySavage" that has hits like "CRZY" & "Distraction". Her album "While We Wait" is full of bangers as well like "Nunya" and "Nights Like This".

5.) Summer Walker

Summer Walker is a Mood. From her perfect beat selections, to her tantalizing word play, to her amazing ability to hit runs at a moments notice, it's easy to see Summer is hear to stay. She hit the scene with her album "Over It" which is now Platinum and was Number 1 one the R&B Charts, it would peak at Number 2 on the Hot 100 Charts. As her career ages I'm sure she'll hold the Number 1 spot on this list. Check out songs like "Come Thru" "Playing Games" and "Girls Need Love".

4.) Jhene Aiko

Jhene Aiko is one of a kind. She puts me in the mindset of a 2020 version of Aaliyah when I listen to her sing. Her soft angelic like voice mixed with her powerful runs make for a amazing sound. She also has a great lyrics to match which you can hear on display with songs like "P*ssy Fairy". It was her album with Big Sean under their duo name TWENTY88 were she showed her versatility as artist. One great record to get into the instant calm her voice possess is "Sativa".

3.) Elle Mai

I knew Ella Mai was a problem the moment her voice came across my radio. 90s Rnb lovers are hard to move and Ella Mai was exactly what they had been looking for. Her soulful vocals, vocal range, and accent make for a interesting sound. Mai burst onto the scene with her 2018 smash "Boo'd UP" "Trip" and "Shot Clock". All of these songs came off of her Platinum debut self titled album. Boo'd up would win a Grammy for Best R&B Song in 2019. She has also become the go to girl for the hooks in the Hip Hop community.

2.) Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is a Beast ! God blessed her with the ability to sound like Mariah Carey 2.0 and there isn't anything the competition can do about it. Her vocal range is limitless, her vocal control is in a world of it's own. My only question about her career early on would she be able to crossover on to Urban Radio. She would put any doubts I may have had away with her album "Thank You, Next". Songs like "7 Rings", "Break Up With Your Girlfriend" & "Thank You Next" showed she can make records for the club. Time named her one the 100 Most Influential People in the world in 2016 and 2019.

1.) H.E.R.

H.E.R. is a combination of Talent and Industry Polishing. When I say Industry Polishing I mean Disney named her the Next Big Thing in 2009 when she was 9 years old. She was signed in 2014 to RCA when she was 14 years old. She been trained by the best music has to offer since she could remember and most importantly she acts & sounds like it. She is another artist with a wide vocal range, amazing vocal control abilities as well as a mean lyricist. What puts H.E.R. over the top is her Supreme ability to play the Piano and Guitar at any moment during a performance. H.E.R. platinum album "H.E.R." would win Grammy's for Best RnB Album in 2019. My only question was could she make records for the club and she did that with "Slide".

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