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Video: Blueface Defends Himself Against Chrisean's Father In New Footage

Now We Know The Truth

TMZ was able to obtain the surveillance footage from the fight night that broke out between Blueface and Chrisean Rock's family in Baltimore.

You can see that the video starts off with aggressive energy towards one another, that turns into a punch to Blueface's chin from who has been identified as Chrisean's Father. Blueface swings back but misses. Chrisean's father tries to get out of the chaos but Blueface catches him and puts some low jabs on him.

Everyone clears the area and Chrisean's father is walking away when Blueface catches him from behind and puts him down with a punch from hell. I mean Blueface cocked his arm all the way to the 1920s before knocking Chrisean's pops out.

Now some are wondering what could have sparked this drama. We Think the father responded how any father should respond to a man who has punched their daughter on multiple occasions. One occasion is more than enough for the fathers we know.

Now we know Chrisean and Blueface have a toxic relationship as we've covered in the past.

Do I Smell a TV Show In The Works ?

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