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Video: Boosie Responds To Accusation In Murder Of Chicago Jewler Duke

The Most Dangerous Career in the world is Working in Hip Hop

Louisiana rapper Lil Boosie aka Boosie Badazz find his name attached to a murder for the Umpteenth time. And to nobody's surprise Boosie says he and his team are 100% innocent. The issue is the Online Investigators on Twitter aren't buying Boosie's story and are going as far as to say Boosie or someone in his crew set the jewelry maker up. Lets follow how the night went.

According to Boosie, he met Duke at this Texas mansion where a dice game began. In the video below you will see Duke going through his funds while Boosie is standing behind him. Now the guy directly across from Duke (White shirt & Locs) staring at Duke's cash is who the internet is saying is behind the murder.

The next day Boosie said Duke followed them to a Lil Boosie and Plies concert. Boosie says after the concert Duke went to his car in the parking lot by himself and that is where the robbery turned homicide took place. As you can see Duke lived a very flashy lifestyle. We believe this kind of online post is how he became a target to robbers.

This was the video Boosie posted on the Airplane the night after the murder took place. In the video Boosie gives the full story of what happened that night.

In the video below, Boosie is responding to the internet accusing him and his 19 year old cousin of masterminding the robbery turned homicide of Duke the Jewler. Boosie's defense is "We Getting Money", "Thats not our Steelo" and "As a Boss I wouldn't let that happen".

I'm sure the police in Texas are looking through everything and will announce their evaluation of what happen soon. This is America where everyone is Innocent until proven guilty but on the Internet you are Guilty until proven Innocent.

What do you think happened, is Boosie and Crew Innocent ? Or is Boosie lying through his Teeth ? Either way Duke The Jewler's life was taken at a time where Duke seemed to be climbing the ranks in the Hip Hop Jewelry community.

RIP Duke The Jewler

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