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Video: Draymond Green Knocks Jordan Poole Out With One Punch At Practice

Another Day Another Assault

Clearly Draymond Green is in the wrong sport. Known for his below the belt and dirty antics Green has now turned his rage on his own teammates.

In the video you can see Draymond a Klutch Sports client and Jordan Poole are taking trash to each other. Whatever is said causes Draymond to approach Jordan in a very Will Smith manner. Jordan pushes Draymond to get Green out of his space. This is when Draymond cocks back and knocks Jordan back to High School with a devastating right hand from hell. Of course all the people who watched it build up jump in after the punch was delivered instead of stopping it before. Great Leadership Staff

Surprisingly the Golden State Warriors have done their best to try to keep this under wraps. General Manager of the Warriors Bob Myers made it seem like it was nothing. I'm sure Jordan's family didn't see it as harmless as Myers did.

We have to assume they didn't know someone had the entire altercation on video.

Reports say this beef stems from Green feeling like Jordan has been acting different since he entered in to contract talks with the Warriors. Maybe the team sent Draymond to do this as a negotiation tactic.

Twitter has wasted zero time getting involved

Whatever the case if we were Jordan Poole we'd be suing the pants off of Green.

We'll keep you posted as the story develops

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