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RIP: Rapper King Von Killed Outside Atlanta Night Club


We bring you the unfortunate news that Chicago Rapper King Von was murdered in Atlanta this morning November 6th 2020. This took place at a nightclub on Trinity Ave and Forsyth street.

Police are saying a fight took place that resulted in a shoot out in front of a Atlanta Police Department squad car. This shootout resulted in 2 dead and one in critical condition, this report is brought to you by Fox 5 more details in the video below

DJ Akademiks confirmed via twitter that he spoke with Von's manager who was also shot in the altercation.

King Von exploded onto the scene with his "Crazy Store". Von was signed to OTF which is owned by Chicago rapper Lil Durk.

When will the senseless gun violence in the music industry end ?

Why can't our entertainers be allowed to use their talents to make money and take care of their families the same way rappers of other ethnicities can ?

King Von meant a lot to the city of Chicago and his life will truly be missed.

RIP King Von

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