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Video: Sauce Walka Fights Robber Attempting To Steal His Jewelry

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

This Story Has More Twist Than A Pretzel

This story is starting to become clearer. Texas rapper Sauce Walka was in a brawl recently with someone in California, who apparently was attempting to rob anyone of assumed value on the street. In the original video below, Walka gives some details on what took place that night.

According to Sauce Walka, it was a man who thought he saw an easy lick in Sauce Walka and Walka gave him a lesson in "Not Going". The robber attempted to rob someone else moments later and it turned into a homicide the Texas Rapper explains in a new video.

Sauce wants people in the black community to "Be Better" and aspire for more instead of trying to jack people for their belongings. As Sauce stated you can be a Lawyer, LeBron James or even Sauce Walka but one thing you better know is, you won't be taking anything from Walka without a fight .

A woman who goes by @Trap_Momy_Mani gave a better picture of who the victim was. RIP to this brother.

We're all about getting the story right at Boomin Magazine, we'll keep you updated if any developments arise.

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