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Video: T.I. Doesn't Approve Of Rotimi For The Atlanta Falcons Theme Song

Is This a Genius Move By The Falcons

It looks like rapper and businessman T.I. had somethings to get off his chest. While out in Ohio the rapper took to his instagram to address the Atlanta Falcons selecting singer and actor Rotimi to be the face of the franchise and create the theme song.

This is a great accomplishment for the artist, you won't hear anyone refute that. The issue seems to be that Rotimi isn't from the city of Atlanta or the state of Georgia. T.I. was very clear that he doesn't approve at all. While he admits to having love for Rotimi the ATL legend doesn't understand how the franchise could make such a huge mistake. Especially factoring in all of the musical greats the city has produced. Video Below

T.I. explains that he knows Quavo, 2 Chainz, Killer Mike, Himself or Jeezy would have done it for sure. The rapper is so disturbed by it that he has reached out to his personal contacts at the Falcons to figure it out. The Atlanta native is confused, stating that "Not only is Rotimi not from Atlanta, He not from the Country". Hilariously someone tells T.I. "Maybe you aren't that important in Atlanta", to that the hitmaker responds "They didn't have to pick me, I represents the people". Unfortunately for Rotimi, T.I. isn't alone at all in his viewpoint. The streets have definitely responded, here's a little, of whats being said on Twitter.

It doesn't seem like the anger about this decision is slowing down anytime soon. Rotimi seems to be

. He recently posted the video below

I think it's a genius move because it has the entire city talking about the Atlanta Falcons but this could have alienating effect on the team as well. Either way the New Orleans Saints left the city dancing after Week 1.

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