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VIDEO: Z-Ro And Trae Tha Truth Give Their Sides Of The Story

Thank God For Clarity

It looks like Texas legends Trae Tha Truth and Z-Ro decided to take control of the narrative and give their sides to the story. Which is great and always recommended. However, they both seem to have two different versions of what went on.

Z-Ro held his interview first exclusively with TMZ where he stated he was "Blind Sided" and "Jumped" after being called over to a van by Trae Tha Truth. Went as far as calling it a "Sneak Attack" and saying "There is no beef between them". See Video Below

Now Tra Tha Truth recently sat down on his own accord and gave his version of what took place that night. Trae denies that Z-Ro was jumped or that a "Sneak Attack" happened. Tha Truth also stated that this is just "Family Business" of things that may have been held back but boiled over. See Video below on Freddy O

It looks as though cooler heads will prevail as wished for in our initial coverage of the altercation. Hip Hop needed to see two men have a disagreement, handle it and let it go.

Lets hope this energy can continue.

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