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Why Walmart Selling Lil Baby's 4PF Chains Is A Good Thing !

Crazy Right

So you may or may not know that Lil Baby is the hottest rapper on the planet. He's so hot that he started signing other artist. When you sign to his label 4PF you receive a diamond studded 4PF chain to make it official.

The issue is when you are as hot as Lil Baby people don't just want to listen to you, they want to be you. This is where Walmart comes into the picture. I woke up to see 4PF Chain and Lil Baby trending on Twitter. Like every other user I had to know what was going on.

As I stumbled down the rabbit hole I would come to find Lil Baby's chain on sale on Walmat's site. Now I'm smart enough to know Lil Baby isn't handing out chains from Walmart. Clearly Lil Baby was caught off guard, he tweeted "Walmart Got Me F**ked Up"

Walmart would make the makers Blingfactory take Lil Baby's name out of it. They also make it very clear in the description that the chain is not real.

Now I know many would like to be upset and be ready to fight, but this while shocking, is a good thing. Always remember Easy E's key advice in the early 90s "All Publicity is Good Publicity". The fact that people are showing this much interest in his brand is amazing. If he was a Sonic Boom Music Group artist his team would be reaching out to collaborate with the company and Walmart to figure out how we could release the chain in the stores. This would increase brand awareness for his company by 300%. I'm sure Quality Control is on it, Pee and Coach K are some of the most progressive thinkers in Hip Hop today.

Either way this will make for great punchlines in his next song ! Even in a Coronavirus Pandemic, Hip Hop is still influencing everything and I thought they said Rap was going to fizzle out in the 90s.

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