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Writer Dispute: Swae Lee Calls Out French Montana Over "Unforgettable"

Oh How They Forget

Rapper French Montana seems to be suffering from a severe case of Say Anything. It started with him claiming to have more hits than Kendrick Lamar. That would turn into a brush fire beef with Young Thug. Now he's back with a even stranger claim.

While interviewing with Complex's Everyday Struggle Montana said "Do you think 'Unforgettable' came to me before it went out? It was nothing like that before it came out. It was a song, it didn't have no structure. I had to sit there like a scientist and put it together."

Swae Lee responded with one of the worst accusations you can use in Hip Hop, he called CAP. For those that don't know CAP is slang for Lying, Liar, Not True. Swae clearly felt some kind of way because he took to his twitter seemingly threatening to release the original version.

French responded the only way a man who doesn't want to get exposed can, saying "FRENCH MONTANA FEAT. SWAE LEE - UNFORGETTABLE. 1 million away from diamond," French wrote. "I LOVE SWAE LEE LETS STAY POSITIVE RAMADAN MUBARAK. ... WHO HAD THE MONKEY FIRST ? LETS BEEF ABOUT SOMETHING ELSE NOT UNFORGETTABLE. WE WON."

What makes this whole thing even more bizare is French admitted in a 2017 interview that he first heard the song when Jermih suggested it to him. French liking what he heard contacted Swae Lee, bought the song and then French added his verse to the song. French did this Against his label's wishes, he also spoke about how he had to pay with his own money to clear the sample because the label didn't believe the song would be successful.

Luckily there is a little thing called Split Sheets, which protects creatives like Swae Lee in this moment from when artist like French decide they are going to take credit for more than they actually contributed.

Gotta Love The Music Industry

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