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YNW Melly Jail Release Request Denied After Positive Coronavirus Test Results !

The Entire Scenario is Sad

Looks like Rapper YNW Melly attempts of getting an early release from prison has been denied TMZ is reporting. Let us catch you up to speed.

YNW Melly was locked up in 2019 for the Double Murder of two of his friends in Florida. All this while blowing up on the rap scene as an indie artist at the same damn time. With Coronavirus sweeping the globe, it also crept inside of prisons and has infected inmates, Melly being one of them.

Earlier this month YNW tested positive for Coronavirus and is experiencing breathing difficulties, head, and body aches. His lawyer Bradford Cohen filed the request saying that he fears his client will die in jail due to his ailments and the conditions he's kept in. They were hoping maybe he could be put on house arrest and get treatment.

The family of the victims, however, don't see it that way and have been public about wanting YNW Melly to remain in prison. They believe he does not deserve to be set free and could possibly be a threat to them and other witnesses.

The judge, however, decided to rule against YNW Melly, stating that the prison is more than capable to handle treating the rapper while in custody. Basically saying they have enough beds, isolation rooms and ventilators to accommodate their inmates.

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