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Young Chop Shot at and Arrested While Hunting for 21 Savage in Atlanta (Video)

Anything for Clout

Has it really come to this for the platinum producing Chicago native Young Chop. We wanted to stay away from his random acts of trolling going on virally. But with him ending up in jail, it became a little disturbing and sad honestly. Let us break the story down.

Young Chop exploded on the scene as the architect of the sound that was pushing (at the time) new artist Chief Keef to the top of the Hip Hop charts. Those efforts would turn into producing other songs for other elite members of the music industry. Even securing a publishing deal for the talented music maker click here.

What makes the story more confusing, as a producer you aren't thrown into the flames of being Famous. So Chop could've easily lived the rest of his life without anyone knowing what he looks like (exp Chad from the Neptunes). But that wasn't enough for Chop.

That brings us to what started as verbal shots at French Montanna and Meek Mill. That eventually turned into shots at Lil Wayne and 21 Savage. With 21 it takes a turn because both artist reside in the same city. After Chop set his attention on Savage, Savage responded accusing the producer of "acting tough because he was from Chicago" but he warned Chop that this could end bad.

This led to Yung Chop getting a Uber Driver and using this innocent bystander to drive around 21's old neighborhood asking anybody who would listen about the whereabouts of the rapper. All while exploiting himself on Instagram live. Well, they say if you play stupid games you win stupid prizes. Here is some of the Police Documents obtained by XXL Magazine reads

Chop is cited as calling the Uber and after making a stop at a Quick Mart location, he requested to go to an apartment complex that he did not know the address to. Upon arrival at the residence, Chop exited the vehicle. He returned shortly after, instructing the driver to take him back home. The producer then asked the driver to stop the vehicle and got out of the car, later engaging in a heated verbal altercation with an unknown man. At that point, Chop brandished a semiautomatic black handgun during the argument. Chop went back into the Uber, which was later followed by a black four door sedan driving at high speed.

The report details that Chop retrieved his gun from inside his pocket. Then the sedan began shooting at the Uber Chop was in. Bullets hit the car's front panel, the driver's rear door, the driver's side rear panel and shattered the driver side rear door window.

The black sedan fled, and although Chop asked the driver to follow the car, they were unsuccessful in catching up to the other vehicle.

The Uber driver says he was unable to identify the make or model of the car, the suspects or the license plate due to the shooting.

Chop, who asked the driver not to inform the police and offered to pay for the damages to the vehicle, was dropped off back home by the Uber driver.

Here's footage from his Instagram live, it takes you all the way to the confrontation.

Chop was arrested Georgia's Gwinnett County on Monday (April 6) for Reckless Conduct, he has bonded out. This is all on, you guessed it Instagram Live.

We have lost so many young musicians in the Hip Hop community, I would hate to lose another to such senseless acts. Our heart goes out to the Uber driver who could've lost his life in the middle of this.

It really makes you wonder, exactly how far we are willing to go to increase brand awareness?

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