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Introducing Sonic Boom Music Group’s newest artist R&B crooner Rashaad.   Born in North Carolina this singer got his start at the age of 3 in his Grandfather's church in Alamance County.


Mimicking the singers on the radio is where Rashaad noticed he could sing.  This song writer grew up listening to the Motown Hits, Kanye West & Michael Jackson who is his favorite artist of all time.


In 2015 Rashaad recorded his first song which the artist describes as awful but imperative in regards to teaching the singer song structure.


Rashaad plans on using his Nostalgic music, Unique Voice, Eye Catching abilities to take him to the top.   Fans will enjoy Rashaad's different Approach, Vibe and Diverse sound that the singer brings to each song.


The King's Reign is about to Begin 

Rashaad King Sonic Boom Music Group 22.jpg