Woosa Li

The Mermaid

Woosa Li is Unique.  Born in Iowa & Raised in Atlanta since the age of 3, this Southside Queen has something to say.  Li started writing music at 13 y.o. drawing inspiration from music icon Nicki Minaj.  Minaj's work ethic and creativity would influence Woosa to push herself past her comfort zone.  Young Thug is another artist who's creativity would leave an impact on Li

Woosa is a nickname given to her from her mother.  Li is short for her name Liyah.  Thus giving birth to Woosa Li.

Instead of rapping about what she can get from a man, Woosa gives voice to the women who like to go out and get it on their own.  She represents for the hustlers, entrepreneurs & bag getters.  While offering creative flows and melodies that draw comparisons to Lil Baby & Bankroll Fresh.

Prepare to fall in love with the Mermaid.

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